#22 – Happy List


Item #22 on my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days is to write a list of things that make me happy. Here are 101 things that I can refer to when I am suffering from a case of the blahs

001 Waking up on Saturday morning, and knowing that I have the entire weekend ahead of me.
002 Having a clean house.
003 My house, even when it’s messy. It has so much character and we’ve made it exactly the way we want it.
004 Coming home from the markets on a Saturday morning with a nanna trolley full of fresh vegetables and fish.
005 Sitting on my back deck and watching the rain in Summer.
006 Wrapping myself up in a blanket and listening to the rain in Winter, from the comfort of my couch.
007 Painting my nails.
008 Recognising the first signs of Winter, and preparing for a season of great clothes and cosy nights.
009 Home-made fruit and nut crumble.
010 Cooking for my friends.
011 Having enough money in the bank to splurge on a completely unnecessary pair of shoes.
012 The feeling I get about 15 minutes after a good run.
013 Discovering a really, really good Thai restaurant.
014 Christmas. Everything about it.
015 Watching my dog playing on the beach.
016 My coconut & lime scented candle, and the way it fills the entire house.
017 Long weekends.
018 A really good coffee on a cold weekday morning.
019 Hand-made things, especially in print and fabric.
020 Closing my eyes for 5 mins and losing myself in a beautiful song.
021 Spending my morning commute with my nose buried in a book.
022 Feeling organized at work.
023 Receiving hand-written letters in the mail.
024 Bright flowers in pots.
025 The beautiful, big monitor on my Mac.
026 Natural light.
027 Candlelight.
028 Finding the perfect present for somebody, even though there’s no special occasion.
029 Blogs written by real people who appreciate or create art.
030 Munching on toast on my walk to the tram, especially if Tim makes it.
031 Clear nights, and bright stars.
032 Getting up early, and listening to the world waking up.
033 Getting stuck into a good book, and forcing myself to make it last.
034 My singing bus driver, especially when he breaks out the Stevie Nicks covers.
035 SingStar sessions, especially when it’s Queen or David Bowie
036 Devoting an entire day to taking photographs.
037 Seeing my photographs in print.
038 3-minute microwaved chocolate cake in a mug. Uh huh.
039 Storytellers like Regina Spektor, Ben Folds, Tori Amos and Lior.
040 Marinated goat cheese, on crackers or in a pasta.
041 Dinner at Lygon St, followed by a long walk and gelato.
042 Witnessing a random act of kindness in the street.
043 Watching Harry’s paws twitch when he’s in the middle of a dream.
044 Waking early enough to see hot air balloons float over my house.
045 Imagining how the world must look from up there.
046 Clever, simple design.
047 An open fire in Winter.
048 Finally living in a city where it gets cold enough to have an open fire in Winter.
049 Good olives, and good wine.
050 My bike, Spike.
051 Betty, my pretty blue guitar.
052 My stockpile of feel-good movies, such as Walk Hard and Hercules Returns, which will never fail to make me laugh.
053 Old friends.
054 Watching my goldfish swim around.
055 Eating outside on a warm night, with candles and wine.
056 Contagious laughter.
057 Exploring new places without a map.
058 Long stretches of road, and good music.
059 Finding clever ways to re-use things, even when money isn’t tight.
060 Cuddles from my favourite little person, Jack.
061 Anonymous favours.
062 Chunky or long silver necklaces.
063 Sleeping on freshly washed sheets, and aired/sunned pillows and blankets.
064 Scarves, gloves, boots and umbrellas.
065 Home-made soup on a chilly day.
066 Colleagues who visit my office just to tell me something funny.
067 Singing along to the car radio, especially when it’s loud.
068 The soft, pretty sound that falling snow makes.
069 People-watching on the tram.
070 Hot popcorn, straight from the stove.
071 Painting on canvas when the inspiration strikes.
072 The smell of my freshly-bathed dog.
073 Plum wine, on ice.
074 My Prismacolor markers.
075 Grilled cheese, bacon & pear sandwiches.
076 Shopping online, and getting packages in the mail.
077 Bath towels, fresh from the dryer.
078 Drawings from my sponsor child.
079 Watching Tim draw.
080 Chai lattes, hot or iced.
081 The way my hair feels underwater.
082 Baby animals (especially puppies, kittens, goats and bunnies).
083 Getting out of the office, and having lunch with a workmate.
084 Making new friends.
085 Drawing something (and liking it).
086 Belgian chocolate cupcakes from Little Cupcakes.
087 Baby fingers and toes.
088 Foggy mornings.
089 My comfy UConn hoodie.
090 Thunderstorms (except for the fear it causes in my dog).
091 Little kids, and funny questions.
092 Colours. I wish I could invent more of them.
093 Imagining life five or ten years from now.
094 Beautiful, old trees.
095 Autumn leaves on the ground, and blown up against fences.
096 Writing letters instead of emailing, for a change.
097 Feather pillows and doonas.
098 Rainforest walks, with running streams.
099 Walking through my front door after a day at work.
100 Solving a problem.
101 Curling up each night next to my boy.

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