101 Things in 1001 Days (2008-2010)


This page is home to my first “101 Things in 1001 Days” challenge, and was finished in 2010. 

You can read my brand new 101 list here!


101 Things in 1001 Days is the brainchild of Michael Green, a blogger and developer from NZ. He created a list of tasks to achieve within a defined period, and the idea quickly spread around the web as a tool for helping people accomplish their goals.


The Mission:Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. 

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).


Why 1001 Days?

Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.




I began this challenge on January 1st 2008. This means that my finishing date will be Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

2 Not yet started
5 In progress
94 Completed


Weight loss goal #1 (50%)
This task will be complete when I am halfway towards my goal weight.
Weight loss goal #2 (75%)
This task will be complete when I am 3/4 of the way towards my goal weight.
Weight loss goal #3 (100%)
This task will be complete when I reach my goal weight.
Complete the Couch to 5k running program (27/27 sessions)

Completed: December 2009

Couch to 5k is a 9-week program, which promises to have you running 5km without stopping by the end. Easy, right?! I have a nifty iPhone app to help me get through this, plus a running buddy to keep me focused.

Learn 15 new vegetarian recipes (15/15)

Completed: June 2010

01. Ratatouille

02. Mushroom Ragoût with Goat Cheese

03. Mixed leaf salad with mango/lime juice/roasted pine nuts

04. Tofu satay stir-fry

05. Hummus

06. Thai pumpkin soup

07. Spinach fettucini with roasted vegetables

08. Grilled haloumi salad

09. Chinese broccoli & almonds with noodles

10. Miso soup

11. Lentil/coriander/sweet potato burgers

12. Caramelised pear/blue cheese & walnut salad

13. Potato and leek soup

14. Maldivian mango & chickpea curry

15. Coriander cheela


I am aiming to reduce the amount of meat that I consume, and would like to replace a couple of meat meals each week with vegetarian dishes. Sometimes I end up cooking meat just because I can’t think of anything else interesting to make, so I need to expand my repertoire.

No red meat or poultry for 14 days

Completed: January 2010

I’ll be honest: I’m a carnivore. I love meat in all its forms and would be a miserable vegetarian. On the other hand, sometimes I just eat meat because it’s habit. I’m challenging myself to a fortnight without it.

No chocolate for a month

Completed: February 2008

If you thought #006 was going to be hard… this one may actually kill me.

Learn to cook a recipe from 30 different countries (30/30)

Completed: September 2008

I want to include a healthy number of fairly obscure countries too. It’s so easy to find unusual ingredients in Melbourne, so this should be a really inspiring exercise.

Learn something about wine
Completed: March 2008 and August 2009I will consider this task successfully completed when I can walk into a liquor store and choose a few bottles on the basis of something other than who has the prettiest labels.
Walk to the city and back 8 times in one month

Completed: February 2008 (100km/62 miles)

This is about a 2 hour round trip, at an easy pace. I am hoping that this inspires me to walk more regularly.

Walk my dog 3 days/week for 1 month (12/12)


Harry will think that he has died and gone to doggy heaven.

Go for three 2-hour bike rides (3/3)

Completed: September 2010

It’s been forever since my bike has seen the outside of the shed.

Renew my first aid certificate

Completed: July 2008Senior First Aid (and renewed my CPR in April 2009)

I volunteered to be a First Aid Officer at my previous workplace, so they sent me off to do the course. And, um… then I quit.

Give blood

Completed: September 2008.

I have now registered as a regular donor.

Find permanent fulltime work
Completed: March 2008After 5 years of self-employment and temping, it’s time to get a regular salary.
Write a budget
Because my track record is abysmal.
Set a savings target, meet it, and maintain it for 6 months.
In Progress: January 2010See #16.
Teach myself to use Excel
Completed: February 2008It’s one of those dumb applications that everybody should know, but I’ve never had reason to learn.
Figure out 5 ways to reduce my impact on the environment, and act on them (5/5)
Completed: June 2009I expect bigger things from my politicians, so it’s time I did my part.

01. Wash my clothes with cold water only

02. Use my KeepCup whenever I buy a coffee

03. Choose products with less packaging

04. Continue to use public transport to get to work, even though driving is faster and cheaper

05. Turn off lights and the TV whenever they’re not in use

See 25 movies of Tim’s choosing (25/25)


01. Secretary

02. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

03. Cloverfield

04. Batman Begins

05. The Corpse Bride

06. Tropic Thunder

07. Be Kind Rewind

08. Spiderman

09. The Thing

10. The Wrestler

11. Bottle Rocket

12. Akira

13. The Watchmen

14. Star Trek

15. Moon

16. District 9

17. Up

18. No Country for Old Men

19. Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls)

20. Kick-ass

21. Inception

22. The Godfather

23. Scott Pilgrim

24. Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in)

25. Zombieland

Getting pretty tired of hearing “No way! What do you mean you haven’t seen that movie!”.

I am ignorant and uncultured and Tim is apparently the only person who can rehabilitate me and turn me into a functioning member of society.

Keep a movie/dvd list throughout 2008
Completed: I listed every movie I watched in 2008 over here. Unfortunately, it’s a sad-looking little list – I guess 2008 wasn’t much of a movie-watching year.
List 101 things that make me happy (101/101)
Completed: April 2009A list to refer to when I’m feeling blah.
Build a time capsule


This is something that I have already started, but didn’t quite get around to sealing up. I’d like to get a few more letters from people before doing so, and then I’ll lock it away for 10 years. Or 5. I’m not sure yet.

Read the dictionary from beginning to end
February 2009 – I have bought a new little dictionary to work from, and this – a book about a guy who read the entire Oxford English Dictionary in a year! Very inspiring, and very appropriate.For two reasons: a) to increase my vocabulary; and b) so I can say I did.
Keep a swear jar for two weeks

Completed: April 2009

I don’t really hate the fact that I swear, but I do care that I sometimes do it without thinking or without realising. So for two weeks I will keep a swear jar, and donate the money that it collects. Sweet mother of crap that’s gonna be hard!

Learn the US state capitals

Completed: April 2009.

Learn the names of every country, and identify them on a map

In Progress: This task used to be “Learn all the world capitals”, but it proved to be a bit too ambitious. I’m more of a visual person anyway!

Learn to sign the alphabet

Completed: December 2009

I know absolutely no sign language, and that’s bad. I’ll start by learning the alphabet, and some common words.

Sponsor a child, or volunteer.

Completed: Tim and I have sponsored a 5yo girl from Ecuador, named Domenica.

Learn to identify 5 constellations (5/5)


01. Crux

02. Orion

03. Canis Major

04. Taurus

05. Sagittarius

Because they’re pretty, and in case I am ever lost at sea. What? It could happen…

Travel to New England (or at least have the trip planned)

Completed: We’ll be in New England for most of September, 2011!

Tim’s family are all in Connecticut and New York, and we plan to be back there in a couple of years. The plan is to see New England in Spring or Summer, see Boston and NYC and visit his family’s places in Maine and Vermont. I’d really like a day or two in San Francisco on the way home, too.


Go to Luna Park

Completed: 10th February 2008

Any excuse to be a big kid.


Go to Philip Island

Completed: September 2010

Fairy penguins rule.

Spend a day or two on the Great Ocean Road

Completed: We finally made it there in June 2010!

In Progress (update): Friends, puppy, food, wine and awesome accommodation. That’ll be us in June 2010!

In Progress: The accommodation was booked, the car was hired… but I ended up having to miss the trip.

If you’ve never heard of the Great Ocean Road, you’re missing out. I want to see and photograph the Apostles at different times of day, and maybe stay at a B&B somewhere along the road.


See the snow

Completed: 29 August 2010

I’ve lived my entire life in a state that never sees snow, and now that I’m in Victoria I want to build a snowman without getting on a plane first! I’d also love to show my dog snow for the first time.


Visit 5 different Melbourne markets (5/5)

Completed: November 2008. QV Markets, Richmond Markets, Camberwell Markets, Prahran Markets, St Kilda Markets

Melbourne seems to be full of markets for fresh produce and crafts. I can think of a few that are within a few km’s of my house, and I want to find more!


Visit 50 Melbourne Suburbs (50/50)

Completed: January 2009

This is part of an effort to get to know my new city better, and to just explore.


Visit 10 Australian art galleries (10/10)
Completed: National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), Art of Australia (Melbourne), Mia Mia (Templestowe), Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane, QLD), Mingara Gallery (Phillip Island, VIC), Tusk Gallery (Melbourne), Peppercorn Gallery (Richmond, TAS), Saddlers Court Gallery (Richmond, TAS), Tasmania Gallery (Hobart), Quoll Artists’ Gallery (Hobart)
Visit 25 different restaurants/cafes (25/25)
Completed: Shanghai Dumpling House, Flora, Ajisen Ramen, Ocha 2 Go, College Lawn Hotel, Caboose, Seoul House, La Spaghetteria, Cervo, Boheme, Grace, Universita Ristorante, Alpino, Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, Cafe Vamp, Vietnam Town, Palm Sugar, Cafe Era, Curry Club, Maedaya, Cafe Andiamo, Yellow Bird, Ghurkas, Sweetwater Cafe (Chateau Yering), Old RangoonTo help me seek out new places, when I might be tempted to stick with what I know.
Read 10 novels by Melbourne authors (10/10)


01. The Time We Have Taken – Steven Carroll

02. Seven Types of Ambiguity – Elliot Perlman

03. The Boat – Nam Le

04. Monkey Grip – Helen Garner

05. The Book of Emmett – Deborah Forster

06. Romulus My Father – Raimond Gaita

07. The Slap – Christos Tsiolkas

08. SOLD – Brendan Gullifer

09. Things We Didn’t See Coming – Steven Amsterdam

10. Deliver Them from Evil – Terry Drew

I think locally-written fiction is a great way to learn about a new place, so I would like some of these books to also be set in Melbourne.


Visit Werribee Zoo
Completed: January 2009I would absolutely love to do their Slumber Safarisleepover, but I’d settle for a day trip.
Go on a cruise down the Yarra
Completed: Jan 28th, 2008 The $450 gondola option might be a bit much, I’d just like to see the sights.
Go on a ghost tour
Completed: We went to a ghost tour at the Old Melbourne Gaol in June 2010.If you believe the stories, Melbourne is full of ghosts. I want to research which of the ghost tours is best, and then go and have the crap scared out of me. (Note to self: Bring boyfriend.)
Organise with my brother to secretly fly into Brisbane
Completed: August, 2009… and surprise Mum on her birthday or Christmas.
Go to an AFL game

Completed: June 2008

I barely understand AFL, but I do know they wear those little shorts…


Eat on the Restaurant Tram

Completed: August 2009

The tram rides around the city for a couple of hours, and has a great menu and full bar. I’m really looking forward to doing this!


Go on the Neighbours tour

Completed: It was everything I dreamed it would be. (Actually, we kind of ran away from the tour!)

Don’t judge me, it’s just something I have to do! I will take somebody with me, so that I am not that sad and lonely Neighbours fan on the tour bus. Expect photos.


Take a flight in a hot air balloon

Completed: March 2010

The expense of doing this is one of the reasons why it’s on my list – otherwise I’d never find the money to do it, and it would end up being put off until I was too old and cranky. I think an hour long flight over the city at dawn is worth a few hundred dollars, so sometime in the next 1001 days I’ll be doing it!


See a Gold Class movie

Completed: Feb 6th, 2008

The idea of sharing a cinema with just a handful of people, and watching a great movie from a recliner sounds perfect to me. And if somebody wants to bring me food and wine I will not stand in their way.


Go to an outdoor movie
Completed: Feb 14th, 2008 and Feb 14th, 2009I want to pack a bag with wine and cheese, and see a movie under the stars. There’s apparently a rooftop cinema that’s worth checking out, and another in the Botanic Gardens.
Sleep under the stars
Completed: Jan 28th, 2008 I don’t know how or where, but I’d love to do this for a night. Even if it’s in my own backyard.
Watch the sun rise from a beach
Completed: December 2009I don’t think I’ve done this since highschool.
Go horseriding
Completed: December 2009I love horseriding, but only do it every few years. I’d like to find somewhere that does night rides, but I’d settle for a place where they give you the reins and a time limit. Trail horses aren’t so fun.
Be part of a live audience for a TV show
Completed: We actually did attend a pilot taping in 2008, but the show never aired. Properly completed in January 2009!I saw a filming of Rovein 2006, and I liked seeing what happened on the other side of the cameras.
Visit Tasmania

Completed: September 2010

There are too many Australian states that I have never visited before. I intend to fix this, and I’m going to start with Tasmania.


Catch up on Lost so that I’m not the last person on Earth to see it (71/71 episodes)

Completed: Jan 12th, 2008

I watched the first episode in late November of 2007. I’ll mark this one complete once I have caught up to the end of Season 3, as Season 4 hasn’t aired yet. Thank God there’s a writer’s strike right now that is preventing them from making any more until I’m done!


Which reminds me…
I suppose I should get around to reading that last Harry Potter book too.
Do an anonymous favour

Completed: September 2010

I have some ideas in mind for this, but I can’t exactly write them down can I?


Execute a premeditated prank

Completed: 2009. It was fun, harmless and totally anonymous.

I give with one hand, and take with the other…


Get rid of 101 material items (176/101)
Completed: November 2008. Had a garage sale.Some of them will be a challenge to say goodbye to, and others are just sitting around collecting dust.
Organise my filing cabinet

Completed: July 2008

I tackled this in a fairly large way when I moved to Melbourne, but I still need to set up a new filing system for household-related stuff.


Buy a new computer (or upgrade what I’ve got)

Completed: October 2008 – We bought an iMac!!

A Mac is looking more and more likely, considering the stuff I use my machine for. Getting really sick of buggy operating systems and BSOD. I just want something that works, and a beautiful monitor that I can use for working on my photos.


Organise my music

Completed: October 2008

I want to have my massive mp3 collection organised completely by album and genre, and I want to delete the huge amount of stuff that I don’t even like anymore. This will be a huge job.


Organise my photos, and back them up

Completed: I’ve bought an enormous external hard drive, and set up Time Machine to backup my entire machine every hour. Done!

I am incredibly stupid for not having backups of most of my photos. Right now there are just way too many to burn to DVD (as a single Nikon RAW file can be 12-15mb), so I need to start by culling. This will be a really big project that will be done over a long period of time, but it will feel great to have it done.


Improve my photography workflow
Completed: I am using Lightroom as a library for my photos, and for some basic RAW adjustments. Final editing in Photoshop, with refined keyboard shortcuts and actions.
Make a vegetable and herb garden

Completed: March 2008

We’re a bit limited in what we can do, since we’ll have to grow everything in pots, but there’s still plenty of stuff that will grow. In particular I love having fresh herbs on hand when I’m cooking, and food just tastes better when you’ve made it all yourself.


Buy a BBQ

Completed: 20th Jan 2008 – with 6 days to spare!

… hopefully in time for Tim’s first Australia Day.

Buy a new microwave

Completed: October 2008

I have inherited the world’s smallest, cruddiest microwave ever. I plan to upgrade to something with (gasp!) a digital display!


Buy a new set of knives

Completed: Jan 25th, 2008 – with the help of my brother. We then bought Global knives in late 2009.

We are currently operating with a $4.95 IKEA knife block, which holds 4 serrated knives. If we last another month without accidentally amputating a digit it will be a miracle. This one is a priority.


Buy a bed for the spare room
Completed: January 2009 So our friends and family have a place to stay in Melbourne
Buy a coffee table
Completed: September 2008 Because my blanket box looks funny in the living room
Have my couches dry-cleaned
Completed: September 2009I have a few watermarks on my couches that make them look crappy, when they’re really not.
Have my dog’s teeth cleaned
Completed: March 13th, 2009My pup needs to have his hips x-rayed in the near future, so his teeth will be cleaned while he’s under anaesthetic. He’ll be coming back with a $700 smile.
Revive my online recipe book
Completed: August 2010scarletwords.com used to have a great recipe section, which fell apart when I had to change blogging platforms. With all my food-related tasks over the next 1001 days, I’d like to have my recipe blog up and running again.
Blow a stack of money on a really good hair cut and colour

Completed: August 2008

I’ve been living on a budget for so long that I’ve always skimped on my hair. I dye it with something that comes from a packet at the supermarket, and don’t go anywhere too flash for a cut. Just once, I want to spend whatever it takes to have incredible hair.


Rearrange the furniture in my study
Completed: Jan 4th, 2008Because it looks like I closed my eyes and sort of threw everything in.
Make a Will

In Progress: Strangest birthday present in history – I got a Will Kit!


ust in case.


Buy a car
Completed: March 2009(photos) We’ve been lucky enough to live in an area with great public transport, but it’s time to get a set of wheels and explore what’s beyond the tram tracks. We intend to continue catching public transport to work, but it will be so nice to be able to see new places on weekends (and buy more than 3 bags of groceries in one hit)!
Have the pickup in my guitar repaired
Completed: September 2010Reasons To Not Date Boys #13908: If they don’t break your heart, they’ll break your guitar.
Build a photography portfolio at scarletarts.com

Completed: June 2009 – Decided to outsource the design and do it properly.

That site has been ‘under construction’ for so long that it’s not funny – and mostly because I’ve been trying to do something far more complicated than is needed.


Sell some photos

Completed: I have a RedBubble store, and awesome people like Olivia and Laura who bought my stuff!

My first step is to get my new website built, and then offer some prints for sale. I can also sell some of my work through deviantART and RedBubble, and maybe submit some of my shots to publications and competitions.


Blog a photo/day for 1 month (30/30)
Completed: November 2008An exercise to help bring the camera out more regularly, and to dig through old undiscovered shots.
Photograph a day in my life, and blog it
Completed: August 2010Because I’m sure you want to know what I put on my toast each morning. Sure you do. I’ll also post the results at A Day In My Life.
Participate in 100 Snapshots (100/100 – I did it!)

Completed: See all my photographs here.

In an effort to drag the camera out more regularly. Success is not necessarily completing all 100 themes, however.


Buy a new lens

Completed: September 2008 – a beautiful 70-300mm VR f/4.5-5.6, followed by a Lensbaby Composer in April 2009


Make some jewellery
Completed: 5 April 2009I used to do this all the time, but I didn’t bring much equipment with me to Melbourne.
Make a photography book

Completed: You can preview a copy of my book over here!

There are plenty of websites popping up that offer the software and services to help you design your own book. I’d like to make a book of my photography with Blurb or Lulu, and give a couple of copies to family. It would be very satisfying to hold a bound book containing my own work.


Draw every day for one month (31/31)

Completed: May 2009

I really can’t draw. I’ve drawn a few things in the past, but it’s always really really hard work and it doesn’t come naturally to me at all. What I really need to do is draw regularly, instead of trying to tackle one huge project every couple of years.


Draw 5 hands (5/5)

In Progress: 2009 Because they’re so expressive, but so hard to get right.


Draw 10 people (10/10)

In Progress: 2009

Because I find it intimidating, and usually avoid it.


Draw everything I eat for one week (7/7)
Completed: April 2009Something tells me that this might help to curb snacking, too!
Keep a paper journal for a year

Completed: I changed this task to “Complete a course in art journaling”. Due to complete in July 2010.

In an effort to curb my perfectionistic tendencies, I am not committing to writing every single day. This is about writing on a regular basis without getting all OCD about it.


Buy a new scanner
Completed: October 2009As mine has apparently not survived the interstate move.
Record a song on guitar

Completed: December 2009

My dedication towards learning the guitar has been very haphazard. My goal is to be able to play a song at recording standard, and maybe add vocals and piano.


Knit or sew something
Completed: September 2009I made a sock monkey and a doll. My original plan was to teach myself to knit something new, but I admit that my interest in knitting has worn off for now. Instead, I’ll find a project that I’m more excited about.
Release 20 books via BookCrossing (20/20)
BookCrossing is a community of people who send their pre-loved or unwanted books out into the world, for others to find. You can track the book’s progress on the website and watch as it works its way around the world.
Buy or make a flower press
Completed: September 2008 I used to have a little one, but some of the pieces went missing and I started using paper towelling and heavy books. I’d like to have a proper flower press again, perhaps one of the microwaveable types.
Mail a secret to PostSecret
Completed: April 2010. That felt goooood! I put this under “Art / Craft” because it’s a creative project, as much as a confession
Participate in mailart.org
Update: The website is gone! I will replace this item with something similar soon.Looks like lots of fun, and people of all ability levels seem to join in.
Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
Completed: October 2008Because I’ve never done it, and I live with an American boy who will start to miss this holiday soon.
Plan and execute an online crafty collaboration, swap or competition
I have an idea that I love, and picked a domain to run it on. Now I just need to build the site and figure out how to promote it!

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