#69 – Buy a new set of knives

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Part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge.

You might have noticed by now that I really like cooking.

I’ve always wanted a really good set of knives, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a spare few hundred bucks laying around. I’ve never been tempted to spend $150 on something to tide me over either, which is why until now we’ve been operating with the very finest that IKEA had to offer.


This set of 4 serrated knives set us back $5.95, including the block!

And while this might sound like a great deal, it’s less of a bargain once you factor in the cost of an ambulance and finger-reattachment surgery. That was due to happen any day, and I now understand when people tell me that a blunt knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one.

Anyway, my brother gave us a gift voucher to David Jones for Christmas, and I decided that the time had come to buy a grown-up knife set. I mentioned this plan to my brother when I called to thank him, but he ended up talking me out of it. He’s a great cook, and has two sets of knives that far exceed my budget, but he never uses them. Instead he uses Kiwi brand knives that he bought in Chinatown, for a few dollars each. They’re the sharpest knives he owns, and they’re cheap!

He offered to go pick some out for me, and they arrived at the end of last week (just in time for Australia Day BBQ preparations). Cutting a tomato now takes about one fifth of the time it took me with my old knives, they are absolutely fantastic! They don’t look quite as mutilated as they did before, either. A Kiwi knife won’t last forever, but they can be sharpened up lots and lots of times before they need replacing. And lets face it, the cost of replacement doesn’t exactly hurt.

So here they are. They had a massive workout over the Australia Day weekend, and I can thoroughly recommend them. The meat cleaver was about $6, but all the others were between $2.50 and $4.50 each.

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