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by Elizabeth on January 29, 2008 · 1 comment

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If you’ve just joined us, our Australia Day public holiday was spent cruising down the Yarra, grabbing some lunch at the Crown, checking out the All Of Us exhibition at Federation Square, and then…

The plan was to finally get on that tram and head home, since it was exceptionally hot and we were already really sunburned from our trip down the river. It was one of those days where being trapped in jeans was miserable, and the sun was so bright that the glare was inescapable.

As we were heading back to the tram we noticed a street performer setting up for a show, so we decided to sit on the steps and see what he was going to do. He played Indiana Jones music and cracked a whip to get peoples’ attention, and before long had a crowd of several hundred people watching him.

He turned out to be Arizona Jones, “Indiana’s second cousin-in-law, once removed and substitute B-movie stunt double” (known in real life as Tim Motley). Once the show got going he pulled people out of the audience to help him hold his 4m circus pole, and the first person dragged up on stage was Tim. He had Tim do some pretty dumb stuff in front of everybody (including having him dance around like a sexually ambiguous bird), but he got right into the spirit of things without any hesitation.

That boy has no shame, it’s awesome.

A drunken heckler

The show got really weird when two of the “volunteers” seemed unable to confirm that they could be trusted with Arizona Jones’ life, so he ended up swapping them out with two different people. After that, a homeless drunk guy stumbled into the centre of the ring and demanded that Arizona light his cigarette. He then refused to leave the stage, and kept yelling at the poor guy who was trying to do his show. It was weird and drawn-out, but he handled it pretty well.

Tim must have been on stage for a good half hour in the end, with all the weird delays and side-jokes that were going on. His job was basically to hold the circus pole while Arizona Jones climbed it, and then get out of the way while he performed a balance trick with fire sticks and a whip.

And now, whenever I need to be reminded why I waited all that time for Tim to come to Australia I can just look at these photos!

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Tim January 29, 2008 at 8:54 pm

And I hadn’t even been drinking!


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