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My computer has terminated the little agreement we had, whereby it turned on when I needed it and then I used it for stuff. I came home the other day to find that it has more or less fried itself. It’s funny how much bigger and uglier a computer looks when it can’t even tell you the weather anymore.

So I’m basically counting on the fact that my hard drives are fine, and that I haven’t lost the trillions of photos, documents and music files that they’re holding. I have no reason to think that every component is broken, so for now I’m assuming that they’re okay. Fingers crossed it’s just my video card, and then business can go on as usual. It’s just that all the waiting and expense really sucks.

I wrote all about it a couple of days ago on my LG Viewty, which was really cool and liberating until the moment I hit the “Publish” button. Doing that logged me out of WordPress and I lost everything I’d written. My dream of blogging from the tram isn’t yet a reality, but at least I can steal Tim’s laptop sometimes.

Meanwhile, I can check your comments from my phone, so tell me something good. What’s new with you?

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