Valentines Day 2009

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This was our fourth Valentines Day, although only three of them have been in February.

This time in 2006 Tim and I were planning his upcoming visit to Australia, and the road trip that would ultimately lead to us getting together. Our friendship had well and truly developed into “serious crush” mode by February, and I remember feeling particularly bummed at the fact that we were on opposite sides of the world at that time.

Here is an except from my paper journal from that day:

Valentines Day sucks. I hate everybody, and everything. Except for Tim, who has done his best to share the love from the other side of the stupid world.

Stupid ocean.
Stupid happy people.

Maybe not my most poetic of updates, but that’s pretty much how I felt at the time. I remember Tim feeling very low that day as well.

When Tim visited in April we decided to make one day of his trip “Valentines Day” to make up for February. We chose April 26, which gave us something to look forward to at the end of his trip. We planned a beautiful day – breakfast in Grafton, rainbows and dolphins from the lighthouse at Byron Bay, and a night at Palazzo Versace at the Gold Coast.

It was a happy day, full of beautiful memories. I’d already fallen head over heels in love with this guy by then, but it didn’t exactly hurt to spend that beautiful day together! It was kind of special to show him the beautiful coastline that I know so well, and to discover new things together. I remember watching the dolphins playing in the surf, showing Tim the Eastern-most point of Australia, and dinner on Tedder Ave. Although I ended up getting really (really) sick that night, it was a pretty incredible day.

Three days later, he was gone. I’d reluctantly put him on a plane, not knowing when I would ever see him again. And so began the long and difficult road towards Tim’s migration.

I didn’t know then how things would turn out, only that I was gutted when he left. I slept for 2 days, lost my appetite and wrote in my paper journal a lot. The overall theme of my anguish was “potential” – we’d spent two beautiful weeks together, and I was head-over-heels – but could I really plan my future around some boy on the other side of the world after such a short time together? We’d been friends for years before that road-trip, but was I prepared to put myself through a long-distance relationship while we figured out how to be in the same country?

As it turned out, I didn’t need to make too many decisions – I just did what I had to do. Walking away from this boy wasn’t an option, and so we coped as best we could under the circumstances. Tim lodged his permanent residency visa application a couple of weeks after returning to the US – a show of faith that I will never take for granted – and then we waited. For 16 months.

Valentines Day is a bit special to me, partly because of that lonely February 14 in 2006. And although I get to see Tim every day now, I guess it serves as a bit of a reminder to me of the bullet we dodged – just how lucky we are to have found each other despite being a world apart.

This year I spent Valentines Day exactly as I had hoped – with my gorgeous boy. That makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

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