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We seem to have run out of Fionas for the time being, so this week’s Smiley Sunday is brought to you by the girl half of!

Liz and Jarod met in Sydney, after discovering each others work on Flickr. Now they’re engaged, and blogging daily about snippets of their lives in the inner west. Liz has another project at friendly miaows, taking beautiful photographs of the street cats she comes across.


Seven things that make me smile;

1. Jarod.
2. Cats and their associated parts. Especially paws and whiskers.
3. Successfully baking something.
4. Lazy weekend mornings.
5. Lion masks.
6. Cuddles.
7. Hearing the neighbours cat run around the front of our place. (The ‘jingle jingle jingle’ of her bell makes our cat go crazy, but still).

A memory I keep on file;

My first year attending the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2006. Discovering my independence, seeing so many shows and wandering around at night in a city I totally fell in love with. There’s something about the atmosphere at comedy festival time in Melbourne (especially around the town hall) that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Three blogs that never go out of style;

A piece of advice I’ve found worthwhile.

Never be afraid to change your mind.

Thanks for sending in your answers Liz. It’s been nice to spend some time today reading about you both, and catching up on your archives! This Smiley Sunday thing has been very good for my Google Reader, and I’m glad to have you on it.

If you would like to be featured in the next installment of Smiley Sunday, send me an email (elizabeth@this domain) with your name, URL and the answers to the questions above. Each Sunday I’ll post a new set of answers.

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