Melbourne Studio of Art – Week 4

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Today was Week 4 of my Introduction to drawing & painting class at Melbourne Studio of Art.  I had a really good time there today, but mostly because I spent the entire time laughing at myself.  I don’t know, last week I thought I had a handle on things, but this week I totally forgot to bring my painting mojo.  Or maybe it was just tired, I don’t know!

I told my teacher that in the real world I’d have cut my losses after half an hour and started again.  I’m sure the end result would have been better.  But I recognised that this was an exercise, and that the act of trying to correct your mistakes is valuable experience in itself.  Or something.



This was the first lesson to introduce colour and we used a palette with black, white, burnt sienna and blue paint.  Last week’s palette was monochromatic, and I had an easier time visualising my scene in those seven tones.

Today was a different kettle of fish – my colours said to me, “Hey kid, here’s the keys to the themepark!  Eat a bunch of fairy floss and dagwood dogs and then ride the rollercoaster until you puke!  Pants are optional and there’s free beer!  Pony rides for everyone!”


Then there was Tim.

Tim had a different conversation with his colours.  It was more like, “Tim?  Is it okay if I call you Timothy?  OK, now what we have here is a scene of wood and fruit.  We will boldly use these objects to describe the fragility of the human condition while performing a serious tonal study in burnt sienna.  At the end of our session we shall cleverly introduce subtle cool tones to our shadows, in a refined and grown-up manner.  We’ll finish by stroking our beards, debating colour theory, and perhaps we’ll be outrageous and pour ourselves a small sherry.  Go forth and paint, old chap.”


And that’s what he did.

My stupid colours lied, by the way.  There wasn’t a single pony and everyone told me to put my pants back on.


Good news – my painting looks better from a distance of 3 metres if you squint a lot.  Hooray!

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