House tour: Part 3 – The dining room

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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last house tour installment.  You might recall that I spent most of the last post complaining about our worn-out couches, and now I can happily tell you that we’ve chosen their replacements!   Only one of them was in stock, so we have to wait a couple of months for the second to be made and shipped to Australia.  I’m really happy that I took so many photos of our previous setting so that I can show you the before/after shots when our living room is complete again.  Hooray!

Here are the first two parts of the tour in case you want to catch up:

Part 1: Entry & foyer
Part 2: The living room

And now, on to the dining room.  The photo below was taken from the living room.


This is one of the prettiest rooms in the house, and also the one that took us the longest to figure out.  For starters, the layout of the room is pretty unusual (there’s a floor plan at the end of this post if you want to see for yourself) and its features are so perfectly suited to its original era that it would be easy to accidentally decorate it like your nanna’s house.  Especially if you’ve inherited pretty silver platters and crystal like me!

For about six months this room was nothing more than a walkway between the living room and the kitchen.  Bit by bit we’ve pieced it together, and I love how it has become a jumble of colour.  The room looks completely different from each angle and I never get bored of it.

If money was no issue this room might look quite different.  It would be lighter and brighter, and the chairs would be recovered with something fun.  Nevertheless, I’m really happy with what we’ve been able to achieve within our budget and I think we’ve managed to avoid making it too nannatastic.

I’m so happy that I have photos of this room from our very first day in the house to remind us how far we’ve come!



When I am feeling really inspired (like, for example, right before I’m about to photograph my dining room and publish it to the world) I fill the middle of the table with flowers from our garden.  We have a row of old rose plants along our fence line, and every so often I bring some inside where we can enjoy them.  I almost always regret doing it though because they last so much longer on the plant.

Our table and chairs were a steal from a Lifeline op shop (thrift store) when I first moved to Melbourne.  I’ll never forget handing over the $150 for the set and loading it all up into my uncle’s trailer.  Such a bargain, especially as it extends out even further with the extra leaf in the middle.  We’ve fed 10 people at this table!



One of the reasons I love this room so much is because of the beautiful pieces we’ve inherited from family.  A couple of months ago I wrote a big post about my Gran’s desk, and around the same time I was also given this beautiful bookcase with leadlight doors that my Gran’s brother bought as a young man.

It’s perfect for the little alcove beside the mantlepiece and I’m sure it’s something I’ll always keep.  Right now it’s holding our board games, vases and serving dishes.



Our sideboard was a gift from Mum & Dad.  Dad had it made when they lived in Hobart as newlyweds, and when they told me that they had outgrown it I very happily took it off their hands!  I’ve always loved the deliberately mismatched drawers and the Tasmanian blackwood shines up beautifully.





The most unusual feature of this room is a funny little bay window, just big enough to hold my keyboards.  We have really deep window sills all through this house, and if I ever build my own place I will definitely do the same.  They are so practical!  Although, with the lack of storage space in this house it has taken a lot of willpower to not fill up these beautiful window sills with “stuff”.


I’m really looking forward to showing you what lies beyond the door in this last photo, but it will have to wait until the next installment.  You see, our kitchen is without question the absolute worst room in the house (and possibly even the world).  It filled me with despair for months!  We’ve put a lot of work into making it functional, but it’s never going to get its own feature in Vogue Living.

I’ve come to terms with our kitchen, and can maybe even embrace its quirks.


Did I mention that our kitchen is pink?

Our kitchen is pink.


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