Sunset (introducing iTimeLapse Pro)

by Elizabeth on November 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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The other day I discovered a new app for the iPhone called iTimeLapse Pro, and I decided to give it a spin today when I got home from work.  This cute little app automatically shoots a series of images at whatever interval you specify, and when you’re done it renders them into a video!  It has built-in sharing for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc and you can add a soundtrack from any mp3 in your library.


You might have already seen my previous sunset videos (the best one is here) using the video function on the iPhone camera.  The effect is absolutely beautiful, but I was never able to shoot more than about 50 minutes of video before it reached the maximum filesize.

iTimeLapse compromises a little on smoothness because you’re compiling still images, but it allows you to capture a much longer period of time in your video.  The timelapse video above was shot over a period of about 3 hours, and if I had chosen a shorter song (or rather, a higher framerate) the effect would have been much smoother!

But how could I pass up such a beautiful song?  It’s by QLD singer Emma Louise, and it’s called 1000 Sundowns.  Perfect.


Here’s the same video with a higher framerate.  It’s a much better result!


My only complaint?  The app automatically focuses and exposes each shot, and there’s no way to override it.  I’d have liked to have exposed for the brightest part of the sky to eliminate the overblown white patches, but the machine took over.  It’s definitely something to consider when deciding how to best set up your project.

Definitely worth a play if you’re an iSlave like me!

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