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by Elizabeth on April 20, 2012 · 1 comment

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Feel Good Friday is a small collection of the inspiring stuff I’ve discovered around the web.  It’s all about good health, happiness and the stuff that makes us feel good!  Please leave me a comment if you have a great article or blog post to share in next week’s round-up.

Some clever cookie has put together a great guide to improving your posture to reduce back pain (and look hot!).

  • As somebody who resisted organised exercise throughout my twenties, Learning to love exercise is an article I related to!
  • The debate about the addition of permeate to our milk heated up this week, when it was revealed that the major Australian brands add up to 16% of this cheese waste product to fresh milk.  Nobody is really suggesting that it’s harmful, but I do question whether milk manufacturers should be messing with our food without disclosing it on the label.  What’s your take on it?
  • Former palliative carer Bronnie Ware wrote a wonderful article (and then a book) called Regrets of the dying.  It’s attracted a lot of attention lately and is well worth reading.  Most of us are lucky enough to have the time to do something about these deathbed regrets now, but will we?
  • If you start the day with a flat belly but feel bloated by bedtime, there’s a good chance you’re a woman (you lucky thing!)
  • Loving Angela’s tips for using lemons – especially the lemon sugar hand scrub!  Plenty of great information about the many health benefits of lemons and limes at WHFoods.org as well.
  • A reader called Annelies (hi Annelies!) emailed me about a great little running app called Endomondo.  It tracks your distances and pace in real time, and seems to be publishable as a widget on your site too!  There’s lots of community support and competitions to keep you motivated too.  I’ll be checking it out over the weekend.
  • 10 foods for a healthy, beautiful smile, and how to eat to reverse tooth decay.  There’s some conflicting information in these articles, but they both show that diet plays a big role in the health of our teeth.


someecards.com - I'm excited for the plans I made this weekend that I'm going to break once I remember I don't like having plans

I think I speak for all of us when I say… TGIF, baby! It’s been a reaaaaaally long week over here at Casa Scarlet, and although we’ve had a fun time we are BEAT.  Somehow I’ve managed to limp along until the end of the week, and I’m so excited about getting home after work today and getting into Tim’s track pants.

I’m planning to spend a couple of hours restoring our house to some sort of order, and then there will be as much resto relaxo as I can muster!

I’ve thought about this place heaps over the past week, and I hope you weren’t lonely during the radio silence.  I’ll be making it all up to you in a day or two with lots of photos of our trip to Apollo Bay & The Twelve Apostles last week.

Happy Friday (and happy WEEKEND!)

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