Apollo Bay Ridge (Great Ocean Road)

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Read Part 1 of our Great Ocean Road-trip to Apollo Bay

This was the view from my bed when we woke up Saturday before last.  No big deal, just an exquisite panoramic view of Apollo Bay and the sun peeking up from behind the hills as it rose for the day.  I opened my eyes just long enough to take this picture before snoozing for another hour, and listening to the birdies.  Bliss.

Our accommodation at Apollo Bay was amazing. Tim and I have stayed here before with a group of our friends but last week I realised that I never really wrote about it!  This place is too good to be kept secret (although I selfishly considered it!) so I’m sharing a bunch of photos in the hope that you’ll go there sometime.

I can’t recommend it highly enough, but you need to know three things before we begin:

1) Apollo Bay Ridge is owned by friends of ours;
2) They have no idea I’m writing this;
3) I would stay here in a HEARTBEAT even if it was owned by toothless ornithological taxidermists with an extensive replica Cosby sweater collection.  That’s how you know I’m serious.

So on to the good stuff. Apollo Bay Ridge is a few minutes past the township of Apollo Bay itself, situated on 3 hectares of land.  We stayed in the big house (there are also two smaller villas), and when you walk through the door this is the first thing you see.

Amazing views in the distance, modern decor and comfy lounges, and a wonderful woodfire heater.  The pyromaniac in me was devastated that it wasn’t yet cold enough to use the heater, but last time we visited it was given a thorough workout and it heated the entire house beautifully.

In the lounge area is a big TV with surround sound, and above the door is a screen for the projector TV!  (Bonus points for all the downlights with dimmer switches, so you can make the place as romantical as you like.  And yes, “romantical” is too a word, so there.)


Turn to your right and you’ll see the open plan kitchen and dining area.

This kitchen was the main reason that we barely left the house for our entire stay.  It’s fully equipped with a big fridge, oven, hot plates and all the other gear you need to cook with.  We even discovered an enormous electric wok and used it to make a tasty laksa on our first night.

The kitchen has enough plates, glasses (and wine glasses), cutlery etc to serve a big group of people and the big vase of flowers was on the table when we arrived. Plus, if you’re staying for a while that washer/dryer is going to come in handy.

Apollo Bay has a couple of supermarkets and other specialty shops that made it easy to stock up the kitchen for a few days.  And if you’d rather let somebody else do the cooking there seemed to be lots of great beachfront eateries where you can grab a meal too.

Behind that staircase is a second lounge area, and the first of the three big bedrooms.  That’s where Tim & I stayed, and a certain four-legged creature too!

You need to know that I have a policy regarding the making of one’s bed on vacation, and that policy is: no way, nuh uh, you can’t make me, no, not even for photos, you’re not the boss of me, etc etc.  It’s really not up for negotiation.

This bedroom has a wardrobe and mirror and a door that leads into the ground floor bathroom.  Plus that view I was telling you about, and pretty foresty views from the big windows on the side.

A cute second lounge area for all of your resto relaxo needs, plus the staircase to the second level.

The lounge and dining areas from the spiral staircase.

There are two more big bedrooms upstairs, each with queen size beds.  There’s also a third lounge area with its own little balcony, and a second bathroom.

This is where my brother and his girlfriend stayed, unless my Mum is reading this in which case they both slept in separate rooms ok Mum?

The house officially sleeps six people, but there’s a great futon in the upstairs lounge too!  I can see this being perfect for a couple of families holidaying together, especially with the extra living areas.

But, let’s go back to the views.  The house would be excellent regardless of its surroundings, but the view from the lounge and balcony is what really makes you feel like you’re on holidays.  The best part of staying here is that it’s quiet – just you, the bird calls and the people you’re with.

And this view.

Well-behaved pets are welcome.  It’s worth mentioning that we didn’t see or smell any trace of previous furry visitors – it’s not like some of the other pet-friendly places I’ve visited before!

This post is getting pretty long, but it would be a crime to wrap things up without telling you about the incredible night sky from this balcony.  It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced the stars without ambient light, with the exception of some twinkly lights from the township below.

You can see the Milky Way from here!  If this was my house, I would move that futon to the back deck and sleep there, just for the stars.  It’s just magic, and since I forgot to bring a tripod this photo really doesn’t do it justice.


The big house at Apollo Bay Ridge is probably overkill for two people, but the owners told me that they sometimes drop the rate for couples who only want to use the lower level.  There are also two villas on the 3 hectare property, and next time I think Tim and I will have to go back by ourselves so that we can see what they’re like.  We had a little peek last time and they were just as beautiful as the house, and spacious!


During our stay we took my brother and his girlfriend to see The Twelve Apostles.  The sunset was pretty magical, so I’ll be back soon with some of the photos I took.

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting all 350 shots!

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Rah! April 26, 2012 at 6:21 pm

That looks like the perfect location for a girlie/bloggy weekend 😉
And stunning photos, as ever!


Elizabeth April 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm

It totally would be!
(and thank you xxx)


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