The Life of Fly by Magnus Muhr

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Finally!  A practical use for all those dead flies that gather on your windowsill.  Are you ready for some arts & crafts with dried up fly corpses?

Wait, where are you going?  Come back!

We all have that one person in our family who is impossible to buy for because they already have everything.  There are two in mine, and this year they’ll both be getting this book: The Life of Fly by Magnus Muhr.

When they’re not buzzing in our ears or ruining our picnics, flies have lives of their own. Until now, their tiny world has remained completely unknown to humankind. In this engaging study, photographer Magnus Muhr carefully documents the world of the common housefly and reveals that when we re not around, flies behave pretty much like we do. Playing golf or soccer, sunbathing, partying, dating, singing, and even fly fishing anything’s possible in the fascinating (if brief) Life of Fly. Featuring the best of Muhr’s spooky yet surprisingly sweet creations, this macabre collection is sure to captivate humans like no fly has done before.

Once you get over the slight ickyness the drawings of Swedish artist Magnus Muhr are kind of brilliant.  It’s not a bad afterlife for these lucky little flies. 

Here are some of my favourites. 


Fly fishing   [link]

Diving board   [link]

Legs   [link]

Vacation   [link]

Weeeiiiiiee   [link]

Sprint   [link]

The pub   [link]


There are plenty more brilliant drawings in his gallery, so check them all out here

Happy Flyday, everyone!  And I do look forward to your emails, PETA.

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