Intensive figure drawing workshop with Geoff Dupree – Castlemaine, June 25-29 2013

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Figure studies by Geoff Dupree: Sitting Figure Turning (charcoal) / Swimmer Drying Herself (charcoal)

My last class at Melbourne Studio of Art was more than six months ago and I’ll be honest, I’ve been missing it like crazy.  I hadn’t intended to take such a big break from classes, and painting in general, but for some reason time and money have been in shorter supply this year.  I can’t wait to finish the dumb non-art-related study that I’m doing right now so that I can devote more time to the stuff I really care about!

Every so often I get a newsletter from MSA that makes me want to dive back in, and one of their upcoming workshops looks so great that I thought I’d spread the word here.


Figure studies by Geoff Dupree: Rising Figure (charcoal) / Top (watercolour)

Geoff Dupree is one of the senior teacher at Melbourne Studio of Art, teaching classes in the Pathway to Fine Arts course (specifically the Drawing and Painting Studio and Painting in Oils and Water Media).  His students’ work is often displayed on the studio walls, and it’s always really inspiring to arrive for the evening class to see what great stuff has been taught during the day.  Geoff’s students are extremely talented and I’m looking forward to one day winning a million bucks so that I can quit my job and take his daytime classes too.

Geoff is leading a five-day figure drawing workshop in Castlemaine next month – June 25-29, 2013.  Here’s a bit of information about the workshop from the MSA newsletter:


The Melbourne Studio of Art is delighted to invite you to experience 5 full days of figure drawing in the beautiful environment of Castlemaine, one of Victoria’s most artistic country towns. This drawing workshop offers you the opportunity to fully absorb yourself in drawing processes away from the normal demands of daily life. You will be drawing from the nude figure over extended periods where your perception and understanding of how to complete well observed and executed drawings will improve rapidly.

Geoff Dupree is renowned as one of the best drawing teachers in Melbourne. Formerly the Head of the Monash University Fine Arts Drawing Department, Geoff has taught thousands of artists and students.

“As a representational artist concentrating on ‘everyday’ subject matter, my work has always centred upon the perceptual – the figure, the portrait, the still-life and the landscape.”


Geoff Dupree: Phonecall III (watercolour)

The workshop will be assisted by Michael Gray (this is the guy who convinced me that I could paint!) and Dena Lester, Founder and Director of Melbourne Studio of Art.  The fee for the workshop is $795 and accommodation packages are available too.  There’s lots more detail to be found on the workshop brochure.

I’m sad that I can’t be there myself, but if you’re reading this perhaps you’ll let me experience it vicariously through you?


PS: Melbourne Studio of Art has not paid me to write this post, just as nobody pays me to write anything ever.

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