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LOVING this San Cisco cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ on this morning’s Like a Version on Triple J. It’s amazing, and I am firmly Team Bongo/Goldpants. 


What a week!  Things at work have been nuts lately, and I feel like I’ve been fighting off a cold all week as well.  I’ve been putting myself to bed earlier than usual but waking up tireder.  How is that fair?

And aside from that, my hand had a nasty introduction to a rusty nail on Monday and I have been whining about it ever since.  I was touring a building site at work and after an incident-free hour of stepping over nails and not falling down half-built staircases, I went to leave.  I was about 3 steps inside the boundary fence when I gouged my hand and spilled a bunch of red stuff all over the ground.

A $30 million project, and one injury.  Mine.


I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that its been a long ass week, and one-handed blogging is hard work.  So please enjoy this mega-post full of juicy links to kick off your weekend.


The Noun Project is my new favourite place for high-quality, beautifully designed icons.  Even if you’re not looking for something right now it’s really fun to browse.

Not a morning person?  Let people all over the world wish you a good morning, and maybe you’ll crack a smile.  Unless you’re me, and then you should probably wait until after your first coffee (otherwise murder).

20 bizarre items that really exist.  Mock that lobster phone case all you like but I bet it would stop me from losing my phone at the bottom of my bag!

Here are 8 ordinary things that look really cool under a microscope.  Shark skin is WEIRD, you guys – denticles?!

What do you do when your fish can’t swim?  You make him a lifejacket, of course!

Andrew Gunthardt proves that all you need to make art is a ball point pen.  His wife Alisa convinced him to share some of his excellent tips and techniques.

And speaking of clever artists, these finger painted impressionist paintings are better than what most people can do with a brush.

Are you sick of Harlem Shake videos?  Me too, but promise me you’ll watch just one more.  Go!

This post gave me serious closet envy.

You’ve probably been wondering how to make a vodka cocktail in your dishwasher.  I know, it’s been keeping me awake at night too.

The newest exercise craze to sweep the nation is here: Prancercise!  No really, you’re welcome.

Tiny chocolate terrariums!

10 secrets (actually shortcuts) for better cooking.

The Design Files visited the home of David and Yuge Bromley, and shared a bunch of photos from inside their home.  I think my eyes would get tired if I lived there all the time, but I kind of want to be their best friend so that I can visit.


Thanks to:

Suzy of Just Enough Education
Shauna of Nubby Twiglet
Alycia of Habitual Homebody
Courtney of Nobody Too


Happy weekend! Mine will be full of studying and whining, but we’re hoping to squeeze in a day trip on Sunday if I can get some assignments out of the way.  Praise be to Melbourne for giving me a rainy, stormy soundtrack to send me to sleep tonight.

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