Preferential voting explained, by Patrick Alexander

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Hey Aussies, if you’re casting a vote on September 7 this is something you should read!  A very big thank you to Patrick Alexander of Chicken Nation for creating this comic and allowing the rest of us to share it so freely.

Here’s what he has to say about his comic:


Dennis the Election Koala gives Ken the Voting Dingo an important lesson in civics!

Any time there’s a federal election approaching, you’ll see and hear Australians saying things like, “I’d like to vote for [Minor Party/Independent] but the most important thing is to keep [Major Party A] out, so I’d better vote for [Major Party B].” But this concern doesn’t apply in Australia; we have a more elegant voting system than that. We seem to have picked up ideas about “wasting your vote” from American TV shows or something.

So here’s a comic designed to clear up this common misconception and explain how preferential voting works! It’s four pages long — just the right size for a pamphlet. I’ve tried to make it non-partisan and future-proof, and you are encouraged to share it online and in print. Letterbox your street or apartment building, or hand out copies at a polling booth!



Makes sense, right?

This comic is available in various web and print formats, and the author is encouraging people to share the message.  So head over to Chicken Nation, print a few copies and stick them up in your staff room at work.  More people need to know how this stuff works – preferably before September!

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