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by Elizabeth on August 26, 2013 · 2 comments

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A little watercolour sketch from May 2013.

Last week…  we had one final burst of Winter.
This week…  looks exactly like Spring, and it too wonderful to be stuck inside.

Last week…  I learned that when the Receptionist hits her duress/panic button a very loud alarm sounds above my desk.
This week…  I think we should both ask HR for danger money.

Last week…  Tim slept on the floor of the living room every night with a prolapsed disc.
This week…  he’s still sleeping on the floor, but seems to be slowly getting better.

Last week…  we got our bathroom back after its mini renovation.
This week…  I don’t have to shower at the gym at 5.30am!  Awesome.

Last week…  the floor of our bathroom was covered in dirty, ugly, paint-spattered vinyl flooring.
This week…  the floor of our bathroom is covered in slightly less ugly, clean vinyl flooring.  It didn’t cost us much and was a major upgrade to the room – the best we can do in our little rental.

Last week…  we tried to replace the taps on our bathroom sink.
This week…
  we think maybe we will call a plumber.

Last week…  we exceeded our usual quota of home delivered food.
This week…
  we really should go grocery shopping.

Last week…  I successfully did not buy any of the following things that I really really want: a great big fiddle leaf fig, new lipstick (Clarins Joli Rouge poppy red), nailpolish (Essie mint candy apple), shoes, dresses or investment properties.
This week…  I may cave in and buy that lipstick and get a haircut.

Last week…  I organised a big event at work, and was told that I have ‘military potential’.
This week…  I must remember to check whether this was a compliment.

Last week…  I made peace with something that has been troubling me.
This week…  I feel a little lighter.

Last week…  Tavi Gevinson and I chatted in my office about Melbourne’s vintage clothing scene, and she knew more about it than me.
This week…  I am unlikely to have any fangirl encounters, but who knows – my job gets weird sometimes.

Last week…  was difficult.
This week  will be better, I hope.

Here’s to a wonderful week, for you and for me x

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Rah! August 28, 2013 at 5:17 pm

This will *will* be better.. I have all my fingers and toes and brain cells crossed for you 🙂 xx


CJ August 29, 2013 at 2:58 pm

This week is shaping up rather nicely after a tough start . The eyes in that piece are captivating.


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