Fright Night

by Elizabeth on November 1, 2013 · 1 comment

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Halloween is, for most Australians, a pretty polarising subject.  Every year the same tired arguments are trotted out about how it’s too American (nope), too dangerous (solution: parenting) and contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic (see previous: parenting).

I happen to think Halloween is pretty great, though probably helps that our household is 50% Americano and we seem to have the most polite trick-or-treaters in the entire world in our neighbourhood.  There were so many pleases and thank yous at our front door last night!  We had lots of princesses and superheros and monsters and zombies drop by and most of them had mums who waited at the gate.  It was nice to meet some new neighbours.

I wasn’t organised enough to carve pumpkins this year, but we still managed to bring a little bit of creepiness to our street.  Aloysius the skull and Randy the skeleton made appearances for the fourth year running and this year we added a ghost too.

It’s just a shame that with Daylight Savings there’s very little actual darkness during visiting hours.  There’s nothing spooky about a blanket with eyes when the sun is still up!


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Susanne V. November 3, 2013 at 7:41 am

Gosh, I love Halloween. Too bad we don’t celebrate it here in the Netherlands. Maybe one day…


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