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I’m pinching this list from Pip Lincolne again, with a couple of little adjustments.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

  • Making :: lunch at work every day instead of buying it.  My new office holds more cans of chickpeas and tuna than I care to admit.
  • Cooking :: my favourite soups as soon as the temperatures drop a little further.  Get over here Winter, let me love you!
  • Drinking :: coffee!  Water.  And an entire bottle of Tuck’s Ridge Vino Dolce on Friday night.
  • Reading :: A Clockwork Orange.  Yikes.
  • Wanting :: some motivation to sit and draw the way I used to.  I think maybe I’ve forgotten how to do it?
  • Looking :: around my house, which needs a quick power-clean this afternoon.


  • Playing :: my newest instrument!  I have a gorgeous cello on loan from work while I figure out if it’s something I want to pursue seriously.  I haven’t had any lessons yet but I am already obsessed.  I bet you wish you lived next door.
  • Deciding :: what to draw next.  Hand, face, still life or tree?
  • Wasting :: my weekends on recovering from my work week, instead of doing productive stuff.  Perhaps we shouldn’t have bought such a comfortable new mattress last year.
  • Sewing :: nothing right now, but I’m about to dive into my huge pile of yarn and finally figure out how to crochet.  I’ll apologise in advance for all the swearing you will probably hear from your house in the northern hemisphere.
  • Wishing :: that I could dig up the courage to go for a run.  I’m signed up for a fun run next month and haven’t trained in, oh, about 18 months.  Is that bad?
  • Enjoying :: My paid Pandora subscription.  I’ve had it for more than a year now and rarely have to skip a track these days because it knows me so well.
  • Waiting :: for the clouds to clear so that I can take the final photo for task #80 in my 101 Things in 1001 Days project!
  • Liking :: the cool evenings we’ve had lately, and the more restful sleep that comes with it.


  • Wondering :: how soon I’ll begin my next 101/1001 project after finishing this one in September.  Last time I took a big break, but I have so many ideas stored up for my next one…
  • Loving :: my new office at work.  It’s all mine, and since I spend so much of my waking hours there I’ve put a lot of effort into decorating it so that it’s a nice place to be.
  • Pondering :: which parts of my list to tackle this month.
  • Considering :: whether to study again later this year, or concentrate on the stuff I’m doing outside of work.
  • Watching :: a bunch of Martin Scorsese films this month.  This weekend we’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street and The Aviator.  Both films were amazing and my admiration for Leonardo diCaprio keeps growing.
  • Hoping :: that this is the year we can buy our own house.
  • Marvelling :: that anybody can afford to do that in this city.
  • Needing :: some sort of sign about the future.
  • Smelling :: rain in the air.  Maybe I can’t take that photo today after all.
  • Wearing :: pajamas after midday.  #sorrynotsorry
  • Following :: some of the commentary on GOMI with interest.  I wish more bloggers paid attention to the conversations over there without throwing tantrums, because there’s so much good advice there if you are able put your ego aside.


  • Noticing :: that my little old dog is slowing down.  He turned 12 last week which means he’s officially a senior citizen.  We love that great big dummy so much.
  • Knowing :: that compared to so many people, I am a lucky girl.
  • Thinking :: about the two little birds I rescued at work last week.  One was trapped in a drain and you wouldn’t believe the DIY contraption I came up with to save that little guy.
  • Feeling :: like 2014 is already kicking 2013’s butt.  The things that were eating me alive last year have died right down, and everything just feels calmer and more under control this year.
  • Admiring :: Lilli, for being the strongest lady out there.
  • Sorting :: my cool weather wardrobe, and putting away some of my summer clothes.
  • Buying :: very little.  I don’t feel like I need much right now.
  • Getting :: excited about winter clothes and coming home from work to a crockpot full of stew.
  • Bookmarking :: the best little timewaster on the internet, Neybers.  It’s a simulator for interior design/decorating and it’s seriously addictive.  You can see a bunch of my designs here.
  • Disliking :: basically everything that comes out of Scott Morrison’s mouth.  I bet he has trouble sleeping at night.


  • Opening :: birthday presents in a few weeks.  I hope I finally get that pony I’ve been asking for!
  • Feeling :: pretty content with life right now.
  • Snacking :: on chocolate macadamias because you’re not the boss of me!
  • Coveting :: a night at a luxurious hotel and a spa treatment.  That would be heaven.
  • Wishing :: that last weekend’s White Night festival wasn’t so overcrowded because it could have been such an amazing event.  Did you go?
  • Helping :: somebody at work with their CV last week was really rewarding.  This guy had paid an agency hundreds of dollars to design their resume and it was terrible!  I am one box of chocolates richer than I was last week.
  • Hearing :: that cello calling my name, so I’ll end this post here.

So how about you? I’d love to read your answers in the comments below!

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Marie Madden Cuozzo March 4, 2014 at 9:25 am

I love this post – I think I’ll try something similar! And if you’re already thinking of your next 101/1001 I’ll assume that you mastered that Juggling item… ;-P


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