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Hi, I love your blog! Could you…?

Probably not.

I very occasionally review products and services on Scarlet Words, especially when I find something that I want to share with the world.  If you spot a product review on my blog you can feel confident that it is sincere and written without consultation with the brand.  I appreciate that most of us are hammered with enough advertising in our lives and I will never steer you towards something that I don’t genuinely adore.

I am very happy to hear from businesses who would like to introduce themselves to me or my audience, but please understand that I receive a lot of enquiries and only write about the things I care about.  If I choose to write about your product it is because I consider it to be genuinely relevant to my readership, and because I am prepared to vouch for it personally.

This blog is not for profit and I do not accept payment for a review.  Scarlet Words does not accept advertising in the sidebar, paid links or paid reviews.


Is my blog/shop/business right for Scarlet Words?

Anybody who really reads my blog will have a pretty good understanding of the sort of topics I like to talk about.  As a guide, I love hearing from other people about:

– Anything that might help me complete my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days
– Traditional artists & illustrators
– Handmade products with a clean, modern aesthetic
– Your creative, colourful & positive blog
– Papergoods, stationery and art supplies
– Photography, and photography equipment (especially Nikon)
– Homewares, soft furnishings
– Melbourne businesses & attractions (especially cafes, B&Bs, venues)
– Delicious, foodie-related things
– Australian wine and beer

I’m not very likely to write about these sorts of things:

– The latest cleaning product
– Product launches / events
– Home appliances
– Cars
– Your band (unless you’re amazing, then sure!)
– Cereal, lunchbox snacks, superfoods or supermarket promotions.

My pet peeve is being invited to events for products that aren’t relevant to my readership, hosted by cities I don’t live in. 

Press releases are fine as long as they are accompanied by a “hello” and some context.  However, if you haven’t bothered to read this page before contacting me I might not feel compelled to respond.

Questions?  Not sure if you’re a good fit?  Please get in touch.  
For further information please contact me at

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