GIVEAWAY: one small puppydog!

by Elizabeth on March 12, 2013 · 10 comments

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I am thrilled to be able to offer my readers an exclusive giveaway here at Scarlet Words – a small dog!  It’s just a small gesture to thank you all for your comments and encouragement over the years.



Harry has spent the past few months growing enough extra fur for one (1) extra small dog.  Your prize will include all of the accessories you will need for your new pet: two eyes, one button nose, and a collar.

Some DIY experience is desirable.


  • Obeys simple commands, such as stay! and be quiet!
  • Requires no food or water
  • Completely housetrained
  • Enjoys daily walks, but prefers to be carried
  • Will not chew your shoes or bite small children.


  • Drink a large glass of water while doing a handstand, and film it.  First entry wins.


(For sentimental reasons I have decided to keep the dog on the right.)


A very woofy birthday

by Elizabeth on February 24, 2013 · 2 comments

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If your RSS reader doesn’t show you the video, click here to check it out.
Music: Good Times by The Beautiful Girls


Our little fleabag is celebrating his 11th birthday today!

Harry and I have been best buddies since he was about 12 weeks old, and since then I don’t think a single day has passed where he hasn’t made me laugh.  He’s ridiculous and stubborn and wonderful, and I think he has finally forgiven me for letting that funny looking Americano move in.

We got up early this morning to beat the heatwave and take the woof machine out for some fun.  We found a great off-leash beach at St Kilda where Harry could sniff some puppydog butt and chase the birdies, and it was so much fun watching him tire himself out.  I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of that beach in the near future – he had a blast.

Harry has been following me from room to room for the rest of the day, passing out by my feet whenever I settle for more than a minute.  I’m sure he’ll perk up again when we fill his belly with chicken and rice tonight – his favourite.

Happy birthday, silly woof.  I promise I won’t make you wear a dumb costume like last year.

Good dog! xxx


This also crosses a task off my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days: #73 – Take Harry to the beach.


Home for Christmas

by Elizabeth on December 28, 2012 · 7 comments

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Tim and I are pretty accustomed to big Christmases.  Our very first Christmas together was spent with his family on the other side of the world, and since then we’ve usually hosted one or both sets of families with us.  This Christmas (our sixth?  geez!) was pretty quiet in comparison to the others.  We saw my extended Melbourne family for lunch (an incredible feast which featured three roasts, baked fish and salads) and lavished attention on my cousin’s new baby girl.

The rest of the time we were on our own.  Christmas felt different this year, and not really in a good way.  In previous years I’ve kind of craved a quiet Christmas for just the two of us but the truth is, the reality was less exciting than the idea.  I missed my family; I missed Tim’s family.  We’ve spent so much time with all of them this year that it felt weird to be without them on such an important day.  We had phonecalls and skype, but what we really needed was our people – for realsies.

We need to do something about that next year.

Anyway, it wasn’t doom and gloom.  Tim and I had a fun Christmas morning opening our presents, and we were both pretty spoiled.  Tim gave me the Manfrotto tripod I’d been lusting after, and something I had no idea I wanted – a SodaStream!  That thing is FUN and although I’m not a big soda/soft drink fan I do love my water carbonated so it’s going to get a workout this Summer.  Tim got some boy stuff – a Playstation game, a voucher for some new running shoes and a big pile of books that he’d been hoping for.

Mum & Dad gave us a Sony HD handycam.  It was probably their way of saying, “HEY. Give us back our video camera!” but that doesn’t matter because it’s awesome.  It has a cool little projector on it too so that you can play back your footage in a dark room.  It’s probably the closest thing to super 8 film that my generation will ever see again.

So that was Christmas.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was still a reminder of how incredibly lucky we are.  Just a 30 min drive from my house one of my best workmates was facing her first Christmas without her husband.  Somebody else I care about spent the day watching their relationship unravel before their eyes.  Tim and I had each other, our silly dog and some thoughtful gifts, and our loved ones were just a phonecall away.  We know we’re pretty blessed.

Hoping that your Christmas was wonderful, even if for you it just means a bit of a rest from the everyday grind.  I can’t quite believe that we’re about to head into a new year but I have a really good feeling about 2013.

And I’m never wrong about this sort of thing.

* No reindogs were harmed in the making of this blog post.


A decade of woofs: Harry turns ten.

by Elizabeth on February 24, 2012 · 6 comments

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Behind the scenes: Harry and his stylist make some last-minute adjustments


Our tiny terrier turns ten today.


That’s worth seventy people years, and lately we’ve noticed that he’s finally begun to dress a little more appropriately for his age.

… with the exception of pants (but we’re working on that).

It’s quite rare to see him without his pipe these days but he’s not allowed to smoke in the house.

No, not even on his birthday.




So far, being ten isn’t so bad.  It’s brought two new toys (we’re never too old for those) and the prospect of chicken & rice for dinner.

He’s planning to spend today out on the front porch, yelling at the pups from down the street to keep off his lawn.

“Get off the grass, you hooligans!”


Happy birthday, little fleabag.

Thank you for being the best dog in the world.  We love your guts <3


Walk like a man, fast as I can…

by Elizabeth on September 5, 2011 · 4 comments

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I couldn’t help but notice that a certain small dog had a very serious case of The Mondays this morning.  He followed me around as I got ready for work, and eventually took himself off to a dark corner to listen to The Cure and write bad poetry.  With his own tears.

There is only one cure for emo dogs – walkies. And it’s gonna need a soundtrack.

Walkies from Scarlet Words on Vimeo.

Because walkies aren’t for pussies, they’re for puppy dogs!


Born to perform

by Elizabeth on August 29, 2011 · 4 comments

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31 Photos in 31 Days


Every afternoon when I come home from work I am greeted by a slightly psycho but very happy dog.  He usually manages to tell me the story of his day before I have even had time to put my bag down (I really wish he would learn to speak English) and does laps around my feet wherever I walk.  The first few minutes after coming home are LOUD!

As soon as I can I always open the front door so that he can have a quick run outside and do whatever dogs do.  He usually comes inside a much calmer, contented animal.

This afternoon I filmed Harry during that time, about 10 mins after getting home.  I had found him upside down in his bed having “happy seizures”.  I mean, look – there’s no other way to put it…

So we talked.


Sing! from Scarlet Words on Vimeo.


You may like to turn down your speakers at the 2-minute mark when my little performing monkey really takes off.

I guess I’ve earned my membership to The Society of Crazy Dog Ladies by posting this video here (we all knew it was just a matter of time).  Please understand that I am publishing this with a healthy level of embarrassment for both myself and my furball.

So.  Who is the bigger weirdo?



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Good advice from Friends of Type


By the time this weekend rolled around I was seriously overdue for some downtime.  I’ve been keeping the flu at bay for a couple of weeks (it’s doing the rounds at work), so for ages I’ve been feeling just slightly under the weather.  I’ve been lethargic, a little headachey, thirsty all the time and cranky!  Really, just ask Tim.

The thing is, I didn’t really have any time in my schedule for doing nothing!  I was going to do SO MANY THINGS over the past 48 hours that would have helped me to kick next week’s butt.  I was going to have five different packages all boxed up and ready to mail, I was going to have the World’s Cleanest House and begin my week with bright nails and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Instead, one of the five packages is ready to mail.  Two more of them are almost ready to go, and the other two?  Well, Mum and Dad might be receiving gift cards for their respective birthday and Fathers Day presents this year.  My nailpolish is chipped and my eyebrows and I haven’t really had any alone time.

It’s all a bit unlike me, but there was an overriding theme to this weekend, and it was Look: Stop Doing All Of The Things, Or You’ll Die.

So on Friday night I put myself to bed before the sun had even set.  I slept for about 13 hours, and for the first time in two weeks I woke up feeling refreshed!  It was a sensation that was almost completely foreign to me, which maybe suggests that I have been burning the candle at both ends lately.

I still got a bunch of stuff done this weekend, but it didn’t feel like hard work.  I went to my super fun art class and brought home something resembling an apple.  I got my laundry up to date, and picked up a few things around the house.  I took a moment to acknowledge that our house is actually in pretty good shape, and that it doesn’t necessarily need to be spotless in order for the repair guy to do his thing on Monday.  I roasted two chickens for lunches this week, and installed a new commenting system on this blog.  All things that will make life better (I hope!) even if they weren’t on the grand list of must-dos.

As a result, this weekend actually felt like it was two days long.  There are times when I find myself back at work on Monday having felt as though I’d only been there the day before.  This was different, and it’s good.


Of course, we can put money on the fact that at least one member of this household is going to have a case of The Mondays when my alarm goes off tomorrow.  You have never seen a sadder creature than the dog who has had his people home for two days and knows that they are going to work for the next five.

31 Photos in 31 Days


Hey – if you have a minute to spare I would really appreciate your help in testing my new commenting system.  I have just installed Disqus, and although I’ve read mixed reports I think it’s going to work well for my little blog!  You can still leave a comment as a guest – no signing up or any of that rubbish.  Please do your best to break it so that I can see if I’ve made the right decision!


Sir Harold Stinkbone McSnots, Esq.

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31 Photos in 31 Days

Don’t let the photo fool you.  This is the sort of dog who will seek out the prettiest flower in the garden, sniff it lovingly, and then do a wee on it.

Good dog!

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A terrible day for dogs.

by Elizabeth on August 20, 2011 · 2 comments

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There are few things in this dog’s life that make him sadder than bathtime.  Usually we try to wash him every few weeks, but since he’s spent most of Winter indoors he hasn’t really needed a bath for a while.

Until a couple of weeks ago when suddenly he stank.  He stank like the stench of a thousand arseholes.  His fur had grown so long that I knew his bath was going to be a major exercise and so I put it off another week.

Today I couldn’t stand it any longer.  We took a “before” shot.


… and then his worst nightmare began.  It’s a shame I forgot to invite the Academy because his performance was legendary.

31 Photos in 31 Days


The end result was a much cleaner, happier dog.  We were stunned to discover that there were even eyes under all that fur!


Monkey Business

by Elizabeth on August 7, 2011 · 1 comment

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31 Photos in 31 Days



Everybody’s got something to hide except Harry and his monkey.

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MISSING: one pair of dog eyes.

by Elizabeth on August 4, 2011 · 0 comments

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This dog could really use a haircut.

And a toothbrush.

31 Photos in 31 Days


Le woof, le sigh.

by Elizabeth on August 2, 2011 · 3 comments

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Tim has suddenly gone back to work, and this fuzzy little buddy is full of sadnesses.

Big ones.

31 Photos in 31 Days


“How could you let this happen?”

by Elizabeth on March 10, 2010 · 2 comments

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That dog pulls out every trick in the book at bathtime. But guess who always wins?


Happy birthday, Wooferguts.

by Elizabeth on February 24, 2010 · 5 comments

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Dear Harry,

Today is your 8th birthday. I can’t believe we’ve managed to keep you out of trouble for all this time!

We love you, little fella.

Good dog!



It’s my dog in a box!

by Elizabeth on January 22, 2010 · 3 comments

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STEP ONE: Put the dog in the box

STEP TWO: Close the lid of the box

STEP THREE: Let him out of the box…

… it’s my dog in a box!

Ahh, procrastination. Is there anything you can’t do?