Taking stock.

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I’m pinching this list from Pip Lincolne again, with a couple of little adjustments.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

  • Making :: lunch at work every day instead of buying it.  My new office holds more cans of chickpeas and tuna than I care to admit.
  • Cooking :: my favourite soups as soon as the temperatures drop a little further.  Get over here Winter, let me love you!
  • Drinking :: coffee!  Water.  And an entire bottle of Tuck’s Ridge Vino Dolce on Friday night.
  • Reading :: A Clockwork Orange.  Yikes.
  • Wanting :: some motivation to sit and draw the way I used to.  I think maybe I’ve forgotten how to do it?
  • Looking :: around my house, which needs a quick power-clean this afternoon.


  • Playing :: my newest instrument!  I have a gorgeous cello on loan from work while I figure out if it’s something I want to pursue seriously.  I haven’t had any lessons yet but I am already obsessed.  I bet you wish you lived next door.
  • Deciding :: what to draw next.  Hand, face, still life or tree?
  • Wasting :: my weekends on recovering from my work week, instead of doing productive stuff.  Perhaps we shouldn’t have bought such a comfortable new mattress last year.
  • Sewing :: nothing right now, but I’m about to dive into my huge pile of yarn and finally figure out how to crochet.  I’ll apologise in advance for all the swearing you will probably hear from your house in the northern hemisphere.
  • Wishing :: that I could dig up the courage to go for a run.  I’m signed up for a fun run next month and haven’t trained in, oh, about 18 months.  Is that bad?
  • Enjoying :: My paid Pandora subscription.  I’ve had it for more than a year now and rarely have to skip a track these days because it knows me so well.
  • Waiting :: for the clouds to clear so that I can take the final photo for task #80 in my 101 Things in 1001 Days project!
  • Liking :: the cool evenings we’ve had lately, and the more restful sleep that comes with it.


  • Wondering :: how soon I’ll begin my next 101/1001 project after finishing this one in September.  Last time I took a big break, but I have so many ideas stored up for my next one…
  • Loving :: my new office at work.  It’s all mine, and since I spend so much of my waking hours there I’ve put a lot of effort into decorating it so that it’s a nice place to be.
  • Pondering :: which parts of my list to tackle this month.
  • Considering :: whether to study again later this year, or concentrate on the stuff I’m doing outside of work.
  • Watching :: a bunch of Martin Scorsese films this month.  This weekend we’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street and The Aviator.  Both films were amazing and my admiration for Leonardo diCaprio keeps growing.
  • Hoping :: that this is the year we can buy our own house.
  • Marvelling :: that anybody can afford to do that in this city.
  • Needing :: some sort of sign about the future.
  • Smelling :: rain in the air.  Maybe I can’t take that photo today after all.
  • Wearing :: pajamas after midday.  #sorrynotsorry
  • Following :: some of the commentary on GOMI with interest.  I wish more bloggers paid attention to the conversations over there without throwing tantrums, because there’s so much good advice there if you are able put your ego aside.


  • Noticing :: that my little old dog is slowing down.  He turned 12 last week which means he’s officially a senior citizen.  We love that great big dummy so much.
  • Knowing :: that compared to so many people, I am a lucky girl.
  • Thinking :: about the two little birds I rescued at work last week.  One was trapped in a drain and you wouldn’t believe the DIY contraption I came up with to save that little guy.
  • Feeling :: like 2014 is already kicking 2013’s butt.  The things that were eating me alive last year have died right down, and everything just feels calmer and more under control this year.
  • Admiring :: Lilli, for being the strongest lady out there.
  • Sorting :: my cool weather wardrobe, and putting away some of my summer clothes.
  • Buying :: very little.  I don’t feel like I need much right now.
  • Getting :: excited about winter clothes and coming home from work to a crockpot full of stew.
  • Bookmarking :: the best little timewaster on the internet, Neybers.  It’s a simulator for interior design/decorating and it’s seriously addictive.  You can see a bunch of my designs here.
  • Disliking :: basically everything that comes out of Scott Morrison’s mouth.  I bet he has trouble sleeping at night.


  • Opening :: birthday presents in a few weeks.  I hope I finally get that pony I’ve been asking for!
  • Feeling :: pretty content with life right now.
  • Snacking :: on chocolate macadamias because you’re not the boss of me!
  • Coveting :: a night at a luxurious hotel and a spa treatment.  That would be heaven.
  • Wishing :: that last weekend’s White Night festival wasn’t so overcrowded because it could have been such an amazing event.  Did you go?
  • Helping :: somebody at work with their CV last week was really rewarding.  This guy had paid an agency hundreds of dollars to design their resume and it was terrible!  I am one box of chocolates richer than I was last week.
  • Hearing :: that cello calling my name, so I’ll end this post here.

So how about you? I’d love to read your answers in the comments below!

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Fright Night

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halloween1 halloween3
halloween4 halloween5

Halloween is, for most Australians, a pretty polarising subject.  Every year the same tired arguments are trotted out about how it’s too American (nope), too dangerous (solution: parenting) and contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic (see previous: parenting).

I happen to think Halloween is pretty great, though probably helps that our household is 50% Americano and we seem to have the most polite trick-or-treaters in the entire world in our neighbourhood.  There were so many pleases and thank yous at our front door last night!  We had lots of princesses and superheros and monsters and zombies drop by and most of them had mums who waited at the gate.  It was nice to meet some new neighbours.

I wasn’t organised enough to carve pumpkins this year, but we still managed to bring a little bit of creepiness to our street.  Aloysius the skull and Randy the skeleton made appearances for the fourth year running and this year we added a ghost too.

It’s just a shame that with Daylight Savings there’s very little actual darkness during visiting hours.  There’s nothing spooky about a blanket with eyes when the sun is still up!


Previous Halloweeny fun: my first carved pumpkin | last year’s spooktacular | our Halloween party/movie night |

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Taking stock.

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Little blog.

Sometimes I want to write here every day.  When my brain is full to the brim, bursting with news or stuff to share, I want to write here every day.  If I had the discipline to harness all of my inspiration this blog would be published eight times per day, so isn’t it lucky that I’m lazy and easily distracted instead?

And then there are other times when I don’t want to write here for weeks on end.  Sometimes I just get sick of my own ‘voice’ and just want to spend my time reading other peoples’ stories and filling up on their energy.  Sometimes life is busy to the extreme and I can’t find time to write.  And other times, like right now, it just means that I’ve needed to live for a while without writing about it.

I never stop thinking of this place though, even if I’m not saying much.

I thought I’d write a little taking stock post to help me dive back in.  Thanks to Pip and Kate for the idea!
Making:  the best of a crappy situation this week, or trying to.
Cooking:  chicken for my dog’s dinner every night while he recovers from surgery.  He’s a sweetheart, so we don’t mind.
Drinking:  my day looks something like this: COFFEE!  WATER!  Cooooooffee.  waterwaterwaterwaterwater, waterwaterwater.
Reading:  a few new blogs that I’ve come across lately (Don’t Lick the Ferrets and Young House Love) and old favourites too (like Foxs Lane, Elise Blaha Cripe and Joie Butter)
Wanting:  a couple of long weekends to fill with painting and hobbies.
Looking:  at the “before” photo of my bathroom, which is being retiled over the next 10 days.
Playing:  lots of Animal Crossing.  (Hey nerds, let’s swap friend codes – yes?)
Wasting:  valuable sleep time by driving to the gym at 5.30am just so that I can shower.  Why do bad things happen to good people?!
Sewing:  nothing yet, but I’m tempted to break out my Gran’s sewing machine for the first time this weekend.  Wherever she is now, I hope she can’t hear the swearing that will undoubtedly ensue.
Wishing:  I owned my own house.  Especially right now, when we seem to have so little control over what’s happening in our home.
Enjoying:  these sunny, wintery days.
Waiting:  to find out whether my dog has nerve damage in his eye from last week’s operation.  Fingers crossed it’s something less serious.
Liking:  last night’s Offspring finale, and the return of Breaking Bad.  (Mr White, what have you done?!)
Wondering:  which thing to tackle on my “to do” list after I publish this post.
Loving:  my gorgeous friends – especially J, who never stops amazing me with her intuition and unprompted support.
Hoping:  that the media doesn’t win our federal election next month, because holy crap is there some unethical “reporting” happening here right now.
Marvelling:  at my new robot vacuum, aka love of my life.  I think I’d better write a post about this thing.
Needing:  to put a big chunk of my 101 Things in 1001 Days list behind me because I am way behind schedule.
Smelling:  my neighbours’ wood fires every night in these last weeks of winter.
Wearing:  the same five outfits over and over, because thanks to a water-damaged wall we have no wardrobe.  It’s pretty great*.
Following:  the recent surge in the marriage equality debate with interest.  I feel like Australia is finally on the brink of change.
Noticing:  that the days are starting to get longer.
Knowing:  that my sky high black patent heels aren’t very good for me, but wearing them anyway because phwoar!
Thinking:  about painting, and why I haven’t been doing much of that.  (Answer: too many hobbies)
Bookmarking:  photos of trees, hands and faces so that I can paint them someday soon.
Opening:  my new RSS reader every morning while I have my first coffee (I’m using a paid version of NewsBlur right now, which is just okay, but FeedSpot is showing a lot of potential as a replacement for Google Reader)
Giggling:  about the ridiculous rainbow layer cake that I made last weekend.  If you follow me on social media you’ll be way too familiar with the result, since I Instaspammed the whole thing.  Sorry guys.
Feeling: Everything.  Seriously… and perhaps that’s why I’ve had trouble quieting my brain for long enough to write lately.  I’ve been feeling the highs and lows a lot more recently.
*actually wait, what’s that word that’s the opposite of “great”?


How to make a terrarium without swearing.

by Elizabeth on November 3, 2012 · 6 comments

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Obviously, the title of this post is a joke.  Can you even name three people who have made a terrarium without swearing?

Of course you can’t, because recent studies have shown that 100 out of 10 terrariums were created from a combination of pebbles, soil, plants and profanity.  When surveyed, most terrarium builders cited cactus spikes and tiny terrarium openings as the top two reasons for working profanity into their creations.

9/10 people surveyed agreed that the use of colourful language lowered their stress and contributed to the quality of the resulting terrarium.

Are you interested in improving your home, health and your vocabulary?  Build your very own terrarium by following these simple steps.


You’re going to need some things if you’re going to make a terrarium, whether or not you choose to swear.  These things can be broken down into two categories.

Things that go inside the terrarium:

  • Small rocks or pebbles
  • Spanish moss (I found mine at Spotlight)
  • Soil
  • Activated charcoal (for a closed terrarium)
  • Thesaurus (optional – advanced terrarium builders may prefer to improvise.)
  • Plants.  Duh!

Things that hold the things that go inside the terrarium:

  • Jars
  • Vases
  • Bowls
  • Actual terrariums that you bought from Urban Outfitters because shipping to Australia is free if you spend $50.  Hooray!


Put some of the things inside the terrarium.  You might want to do it this way:

  • Start with a layer of pebbles or small rocks.  A terrarium doesn’t have a drainage hole like a regular pot plant, so we’re going to trick it into thinking it does.  Frankly, plants are easily fooled so go ahead and date their best friend too – they won’t even notice.
  • If you’re making a closed terrarium you should add a layer of activated charcoal at this point.  It helps filter the air and keeps the water from becoming smelly.  Open terrariums don’t need it because they typically shower morning and night.
  • Add a layer of spanish moss.  This stops the soil from sinking down into the rocks, and at dusk it will make you a teeny tiny paella.
  • Add your soil.  Remember to give your plants plenty of leg room.


Even minimalists need to add at least one plant at this point.  Some tips:

  • Avoid planting cacti and other succulents in a closed terrarium, because the humidity will make them rot.  They’re great in an open vase or bowl.
  • Avoid planting cacti at all if you’re trying to do this thing without swearing.
  • Closed terrariums are great for ferns and tropical plants
  • Don’t worry if your plants don’t seem to be getting along.  They’ll give each other the silent treatment for a while.

Now pour your plants a drink; they’ve had a rough day.


Making a terrarium is easy, but keeping them alive can be tricky if you’re the clingy type.  Would you like it if your waiter was constantly checking up on you and refilling your glass?

Here’s how to make sure that your plants never break up with you:

  • Depending on your choice of plants, a closed terrarium may never need watering.  If you’re the nurturing type you may prefer a labrador?
  • Open terrariums vary in terms of their watering requirements, but be careful not to overdo it.  If your plant is showing signs of a drinking problem you may want to switch to a spray bottle or stage an intervention.
  • Don’t place your terrarium where it will be in direct sunlight all day or your plants will get melanomas.


Sit back and congratulate yourself on your beautiful terrarium and the glorious profanity you shared with the neighbourhood today.

* Your mileage may vary
** This post was brought to you, in part, by the maximum allowed dosage of cold & flu medication.  


House tour: Part 4 – The kitchen

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Part 1: Entry & foyer
Part 2: The living room
Part 3: The dining room


If you’ve been following my little house tour you’ll know that I have a terrible attitude about our kitchen.  I think our relationship got off to a bad start the first time I noticed that all the (pink!) cupboard doors all open in the wrong direction.  Or when I realised that there was no pantry.

Or, perhaps it was when I realised that the Barbie-pink curtains were strung up with telephone cable.

Those curtains have been carefully stored away for the next lucky tenant, and taking them down was an immediate improvement to the room.  Bit by bit we’ve worked on making our little kitchen a place that doesn’t make your eyes bleed.  There are things that we can’t control as renters, but we have done an awful lot to improve it!

Pink cupboards notwithstanding.


If you’re wandering through from our dining room this is the first thing you’ll see.  Straight ahead is the door to the bathroom (the other hilariously terrible room in this house), and that little hallway also leads to the spare room and master bedroom.


There are three entrances to our funny little kitchen.  The door in this photo leads to the toilet and laundry, and you can also spot our back door through the window.

Give yourself bonus points if you realised that you have to walk through the kitchen to get from the toilet to the bathroom to wash your hands.

I know, right?

(And then give me a high five for setting up a handwashing station in the laundry instead.)


The tragedy of this room is that it’s a really great size, but just really poorly designed.  The kitchen cabinetry has clearly been taken from some other house, as no builder would actually choose to hinge a cupboard in such a way that you can’t open it when you’re using the oven.  There’s a single powerpoint near the bench – way up high – which means that we have to use a powerboard on the counter.

It’s ugly, and not terribly safe.  But what are you going to do?  (Answer: hide it with a pot plant, of course!)

And then there’s all the pink.  Since there was really no way to ignore it, we decided to just go all out and add hot pink planters to the windowsill.  I imagine that Paris Hilton would approve.


The kitchen started to feel like it was ours when we finally put some art on those big, white walls.  We’re not allowed to put any holes in the walls here, but so far the 3M hooks and tape have been excellent.

I’m completely in love with the series of 3 “foodie” watercolours that hang above the microwave, by Irish artist Bridget Farmer (she has a cute blog, too).  And the set of 4 birds by Beth-Emily were birthday presents from my parents.  It kills me that they’re hanging in $2 IKEA frames, but we needed something light enough for 3M poster strips and these did the trick.

I credit these beautiful prints for converting the kitchen from spartan share-house chic to something a little more grown-up.


If you look up high you’ll notice our collection of vases (a girl can dream, right?) and some big kitchen gadgets that don’t get used too regularly.  And yes, it is possible that I have a slight problem where indoor plants are concerned, but it’s a pretty nice problem to have!

You may also find yourself wondering why the landlord of such a beautiful house would choose an upside down standard lamp shade for the light fitting on this high ceiling.  But try not to strain a brain muscle, because there is no right answer to this question.  Except, perhaps “stop it”.


This post is starting to get way too long, so here’s a jumble of photos that show you some of the details of this room.




Of course, I really can’t call my kitchen tour complete without showing you the dining arrangements of the boss of our household, Harry.  It was never ever my intention to share my food preparation area with the family fleabag, but in this house it’s the only possible solution.

I’ve tolerated this arrangement because there’s just no other choice.  And besides, you need to walk through the kitchen to get anywhere else in this house (our back door is used far more than our front door) and so we were never going to be able to keep him out of here.  It helps a lot that he’s clean, he doesn’t shed fur, and he’s beautifully behaved most of the time.

But still, ew.  I just want it on record that it’s something I struggled to come to terms with!


And that’s it!  Congratulations if you made it this far, because I know that this post has exceeded the number of photos that is considered polite in blog land.

But really, you should see what ended up on the cutting room floor!


One last shot, taken from the door to the hallway.  The next installment of the tour will be the toilet & laundry – I bet you’re on the edge of your seat!



House tour: Part 3 – The dining room

by Elizabeth on October 23, 2011 · 1 comment

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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last house tour installment.  You might recall that I spent most of the last post complaining about our worn-out couches, and now I can happily tell you that we’ve chosen their replacements!   Only one of them was in stock, so we have to wait a couple of months for the second to be made and shipped to Australia.  I’m really happy that I took so many photos of our previous setting so that I can show you the before/after shots when our living room is complete again.  Hooray!

Here are the first two parts of the tour in case you want to catch up:

Part 1: Entry & foyer
Part 2: The living room

And now, on to the dining room.  The photo below was taken from the living room.


This is one of the prettiest rooms in the house, and also the one that took us the longest to figure out.  For starters, the layout of the room is pretty unusual (there’s a floor plan at the end of this post if you want to see for yourself) and its features are so perfectly suited to its original era that it would be easy to accidentally decorate it like your nanna’s house.  Especially if you’ve inherited pretty silver platters and crystal like me!

For about six months this room was nothing more than a walkway between the living room and the kitchen.  Bit by bit we’ve pieced it together, and I love how it has become a jumble of colour.  The room looks completely different from each angle and I never get bored of it.

If money was no issue this room might look quite different.  It would be lighter and brighter, and the chairs would be recovered with something fun.  Nevertheless, I’m really happy with what we’ve been able to achieve within our budget and I think we’ve managed to avoid making it too nannatastic.

I’m so happy that I have photos of this room from our very first day in the house to remind us how far we’ve come!



When I am feeling really inspired (like, for example, right before I’m about to photograph my dining room and publish it to the world) I fill the middle of the table with flowers from our garden.  We have a row of old rose plants along our fence line, and every so often I bring some inside where we can enjoy them.  I almost always regret doing it though because they last so much longer on the plant.

Our table and chairs were a steal from a Lifeline op shop (thrift store) when I first moved to Melbourne.  I’ll never forget handing over the $150 for the set and loading it all up into my uncle’s trailer.  Such a bargain, especially as it extends out even further with the extra leaf in the middle.  We’ve fed 10 people at this table!



One of the reasons I love this room so much is because of the beautiful pieces we’ve inherited from family.  A couple of months ago I wrote a big post about my Gran’s desk, and around the same time I was also given this beautiful bookcase with leadlight doors that my Gran’s brother bought as a young man.

It’s perfect for the little alcove beside the mantlepiece and I’m sure it’s something I’ll always keep.  Right now it’s holding our board games, vases and serving dishes.



Our sideboard was a gift from Mum & Dad.  Dad had it made when they lived in Hobart as newlyweds, and when they told me that they had outgrown it I very happily took it off their hands!  I’ve always loved the deliberately mismatched drawers and the Tasmanian blackwood shines up beautifully.





The most unusual feature of this room is a funny little bay window, just big enough to hold my keyboards.  We have really deep window sills all through this house, and if I ever build my own place I will definitely do the same.  They are so practical!  Although, with the lack of storage space in this house it has taken a lot of willpower to not fill up these beautiful window sills with “stuff”.


I’m really looking forward to showing you what lies beyond the door in this last photo, but it will have to wait until the next installment.  You see, our kitchen is without question the absolute worst room in the house (and possibly even the world).  It filled me with despair for months!  We’ve put a lot of work into making it functional, but it’s never going to get its own feature in Vogue Living.

I’ve come to terms with our kitchen, and can maybe even embrace its quirks.


Did I mention that our kitchen is pink?

Our kitchen is pink.


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House tour – Part 2: The living room

by Elizabeth on September 29, 2011 · 3 comments

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Welcome to our living room!  Tim and I spend a lot of our time in here, and we’re lucky to have such a big room to relax in.  This is where we watch movies, read, eat our dinner (more often than I like to admit) and snuggle up on a cold winters night.

We love it, but the placement of the french doors, bay window and mantlepiece meant that we had to find some pretty creative solutions in this room.  It turns out that plate rails are brilliant if you want to hide long lengths of extension cords and cables!

I mentioned in my last house tour post that it can be difficult to settle in to a place as a renter, especially when you’re bound by strict rules.  One of the reasons we wanted to live here is that the landlord would allow us to have our dog, whereas we were constantly hiding him from the real estate agent in our last house.  Many hours were spent driving around in the car (with the dog and all his things) waiting for inspections to come and go.

On the other hand, in this house we’re not allowed to put a single hole in the walls.  This means we’re stuck with 3M adhesive hooks, and while they do a pretty great job I’m really nervous about hanging anything heavy in case the paint is damaged.  I’ve tried to compensate for this by finding a few tall free-standing pieces that will balance out our high ceilings without the need for lots of framed art work.

The saddest part is that all of my own framed photography is sitting in boxes.  I can’t wait to own my own place!

On with the show…


This is our living room from the foyer, just inside the front door.  (Mind that you don’t trip over the emo dog, he’s probably just reciting poetry or listening to The Cure.)


From this angle you can see that we probably don’t need to buy any more cushions for a while.  We have them for two reasons – colour, and to hide as much of our crappy couches as possible.



I inherited this painting from my grandparents this year, and it hangs above our two-seater couch.  I’m looking forward to having it re-framed someday and breathing some new life into it.  Until then we need to lengthen the wire so that it isn’t sitting so high up on the wall.  One for the “to do” list, I guess!


This one was painted this one in our old house in Hawthorn.  One day we had come home from work to find that our landlord had chopped down our beautiful big gum tree in the backyard, and all that was left was a stump and a stack of sawdust.  I loved that tree, so I decided to find a way to preserve it some way in a painting.  There’s a bunch of sawdust in the textured background of this canvas.

I realise that I am tragically sentimental sometimes, but it is nice to have this little momento from our very first house together.


Lighting is one of the things that make this room a little bit special.  We almost never use the built-in light fitting in the ceiling, as we’ve got a bunch of lamps, lanterns and fairy lights scattered across the place.  When we want to watch a movie we turn off the main lamps and leave the lanterns and twig lights on.  It gives off a pretty ambient glow without being distracting or reflecting off the TV.

Honestly, lighting can make or break the way that I feel about a room.  It makes all the difference!


This is Tim’s desk, and the Prismacolors that I wish he would use more.  Tim is pretty good at drawing stuff and we should all hassle him to break out the markers every so often!


This part of the room is where I spent most nights in Winter – stretched out on the beanbag, right in front of the heater!  In a couple of months we’ll put the Christmas tree right where the beanbag is now.  I’m secretly a tiny bit (very) excited that December is only two months away…


So that’s it – our colourful living room, brightened up as much as our lease contract will allow.

Next: the dining room!


Some of the details:  The couches (once great, now old and broken) from Freedom Furniture / Wooden elephant and Coffee table from Ishka, carried home on a tram before we had a car (everyone should do this once) / TV unit from IKEA (Markor), and sadly no longer available / Desk and DVD shelves from Victoriana Wardrobe Company / Cushions from Urban Home Republic, Target & The Works / Beanbag from Chillizone (highly recommended – inexpensive and good quality) / Floor lamp is the IKEA Regolit, and we took a couple of segments out of the bendy bit so it sat a little higher / Lanterns from TypoTwig lights from Freedom Furniture / Painting is signed by Jacques Morgan and I hope somebody googles this and can tell me who he is! / Dr Delbert Bronwyn by Ryan Berkley, and I think I might need to start a collection of these / Clock from Maison Living / E & T letters and decorative balls from Supply & Demand


If you missed it, here’s Part 1: Entry & Foyer


House tour: part one!

by Elizabeth on September 27, 2011 · 8 comments

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You can really tell that Spring has hit when I am overcome with the urge to clean.  I’ve had a couple of days off work this week, and rather than spending my time at the beach or the shops I cleaned.  Really cleaned.  I’m talking deep-cleaning at every level of every room in my house.

You guys, I even wiped down all of the skirting boards.  Serious business.

It has taken a while for this house to feel like “home” to me.  Tim doesn’t really have that problem – as long as he has a comfy spot in front of a big TV, and somewhere to sleep, I think he’s pretty happy.  I wish I was so easily satisfied, but I’m just not happy unless my home feels right.  I don’t need a lot of stuff, but I am happiest when I am surrounded by good light, clean lines, and colour!  This house has some pretty great bones, but there are weird little quirks that have been difficult to find solutions to.

One of the perils of renting is that it is tempting to just camp.  For instance, our terrible couches are broken and really need replacing but it’s hard to commit to a big purchase like that when we might live somewhere different a year from now.  We’d like to stay here at least another year or two, but what if the landlord sells it and we’re booted out?

At some point I felt so disenchanted with our house that I had a choice – invest a little more in making it work, or be sad about it.  I don’t do sad, so I set about making this funny little house a home.  Broken couches and all.

And since my house is sparkling clean I thought you might like to take a look around!





Open the gate, walk down the path and this is the first thing you’ll see.  This covered porch could use a little TLC (especially in the colour department), but it’s the perfect place to watch the moon rise or enjoy a thunderstorm.

One night last week we had a beautiful storm with plenty of lightning, and although it was freezing cold I wrapped myself up in a blanket, grabbed a cup of tea and enjoyed the show.  We just bought this little table and chair set a couple of weeks ago and I can tell that it’s going to get a lot of use over Summer.



Go through the front door and you’ll find yourself in the teeny tiny foyer.  It’s just big enough to hold a coat rack and a hall table, but it helps to make the adjoining rooms to feel so much bigger just by being there.  It’s a pretty little room, but maybe a little cluttered right now.



I’m having trouble deciding which room to show you next, since the two adjoining rooms are probably my favourite rooms in the house!  If you go straight ahead from the front door you’re in the bedroom, take a left and you’re in the living room.

Maybe you could decide for me?  Leave me a comment and tell me which room you’d like to see next!